​Investing in our community enables us to contribute to the long-term prosperity of the region. Committed to giving back to the community, we support local events throughout Truth or Consequences, Elephant Butte, Hillsboro, and Williamsburg. Financial and charitable assistance to local organizations helps instill a great sense of community, whilst also promoting growth and opportunity.

Some examples of the organizations and events we have contributed towards include:

  • Sierra Vista Hospital
  • TorC Schools
  • Sierra County Fair
  • Rotary Club
  • EB Chamber of Commerce

Our vision is to build meaningful relationships, giving back to those who work with us and around us. We are committed to creating a bright and promising future in partnership with the local community. As a show of local support, THEMAC has generously supported local organizations such as the Hillsboro Historical Society by donating toward the purchase of the Black Range Museum in order to restore and manage the collection.

If you would like to apply for sponsorship, please download and fill out the sponsorship application form here